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Estate Planning

Estate planning is the art of marshaling facts and planning for both the foreseeable and the unforeseen in a client’s future. Benjamin Franklin famously said: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”.

The practice of estate planning involves the drafting of documents such as a last will and testament, living or testamentary trusts, powers of attorney, medical surrogate designations, living wills, and designations of preneed guardians.

Strategic estate planning strives to remove the uncertainties from life, while providing a cushion for those times in life which by their nature require spontaneity. We each have so many possessions of value to us, and we want to pass these things on to people who will appreciate the gift. And it is well known that if you don’t make a testamentary plan, the State of Florida will make those decisions for you.

The details of each document must be tailored to the needs and circumstances of each client, their family members, their dependents, and their intended beneficiaries. Often, proper planning may be counter intuitive to what a client initially considers. A clear understanding of the client’s vision for his or her future and family is imperative.

“It wasn’t until I reached an age in my own life, when my own family’s estate planning came into action, that I fully understood the grace which a good plan can have in the true moments of need. I will provide a safe, listening environment, and spend the time necessary with you to assure that I understand your concerns, and that the documents we prepare for you will be reflective of your needs and protective of your interests.” – Steve Ellis