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Legal Planning and Dispute Resolution in Estates, Business & Family Law

Family Law Mediation

Parties involved in a dissolution of marriage or paternity actions present the most multi-faceted of dispute resolution opportunities. The dynamics of a family are inextricably intertwined with the decisions surrounding the individual family members. When legal decisions and actions are taken involving a marriage or family, the utmost consideration for the personalities within that family must be reflected.

Issues involving equitable distribution of marital assets, spousal support, child parenting plans, grandparent visitation, child support, and the entirety of how the extended family will work are all opportunities for confidential, creative, and informal dispute resolution.

Steve has practiced in the area of family law for over four decades, and holds strong principals on the manner in which family law matters should be undertaken. He is a stand for resolving family disputes in collaborative manner, and will strive in all cases to obtain mediated resolutions that are truly reflective of the process of shared decision making.

Hearings in family law cases take hours if not days to resolve in court. Sometimes parties are so far apart in their positions that it is necessary for a judge to intervene and control the process and outcome. However, there is no question that mediation is a less expensive and more creative tool for resolving those disputes when the parties are of a mind to stop spending money fighting and look toward the best interests of the children and the parties.

Steve is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator in the areas of Family Court, so he is available to mediate family law matters when the parties wish to avoid embarking upon, or continuing, a contested divorce.

“In the movie, ‘The Natural’ the character of Roy Hobbs said he believed we lead two lives: The life we learn with and the life we live with after that. I believe this is a good standard by which to abide in family law disputes. Whether we decide to or not, we are always transitioning. We must decide that to which we aspire, not just what we don’t want, or we partake in a fool’s errand.” –Steve Ellis