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Incapacity Issues

Issues with regard to our own family members, and the tragedy of loss of memory and other capacities, can involve the most difficult and emotional decisions we can face. The legal remedies, including guardianship and documents conferring powers to act, involve complex decisions and should be entered into with full understanding of the needs of the incapacitated person and the family intimately affected by this decision.

Often family members have disagreements regarding the best method of assisting their elder loved one, so the guardianship arena can become one requiring advocacy and resolution of differing opinions. In worst case scenarios, the practice of estate planning requires knowledge of the potential of undue influence, fraud, interference with beneficiary expectations, and elder abuse.

Steve is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Mediator in the areas of Circuit Civil and Family Court, and is specially trained in the area of Elder Law – Shared Family Decision Making.

Steve will spend the time necessary to appreciate the particular concerns and results which your story demands, and will be able to assist you in understanding both the legal benefits and pitfalls of any decision regarding legal remedies, mediation, and Shared Family Decision Making in support of your elder loved one.

“The dynamics of the family members surrounding elder clients is an issue which should always be considered in any estate planning or elder care practice. The practice of elder law is more of a perspective, and an attitude of respect, than simply a document mill.” – Steve Ellis