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Legal Planning and Dispute Resolution in Estates, Business & Family Law

Dispute Resolution and Shared Family Decision Making

Steve has practiced law in Florida since 1979 in the areas in which he now concentrates. However, during most of those years he also practiced litigation, as a trial lawyer, in these as well as other areas. His experience includes probate and trust litigation, family law litigation, real estate litigation, business litigation, and even trial work in the field of criminal law. His experience includes handling matters through appeals, including a well-publicized class action tax case which was heard by the Florida Supreme Court in 1995.

Steve is well versed in the procedures, costs, benefits and pitfalls taking a case to trial and appeal.

Steve has re-purposed the skills he sharpened as a trial lawyer in order to become an effective mediator in the resolution of disputes. Steve is now certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Mediator in the areas of Circuit Civil and Family Courts, with special training in the area of Elder Law – Shared Family Decision Making.

In his mediation practice, Steve strives to assist parties in resolving their differences through the process of dispute resolution, thereby avoiding the extraordinary cost of the litigation process. While often these cases come to Steve through attorney selection and judicial appointment, Steve also welcomes pre-suit cases, with or without involvement of attorneys.

Often family matters inadvertently become complicated lawsuits through a web of miscommunication and distrust. Mediation and the process of Shared Family Decision Making can reconstruct the basis upon which family decisions, both inter-generational and marital, can be made in a healthy, transparent, and supportive environment.

“Litigation is not always the answer to disputes which have historically ended up in court. You should always caution against what was once coined as ‘running forty feet up a twenty foot tree’. Planning ahead is always wise, whether in business, estates, or family matters. Whether prior to embarking upon a venture or having realized that a venture already begun may have unanticipated perils, it is always sensible to ask what the next best step is.” – Steve Ellis (pictured to the left)