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Legal Planning and Dispute Resolution in Estates, Business & Family Law

Probate and Trust Administration

Upon the death of a loved one, a probate of that person’s estate may be necessary. Alternatively, upon the death or incapacity of a loved one, the task of administering any trust that provides for that loved one or their beneficiaries may be appropriate.

Steve will ensure that you are capable of making the most appropriate legal decisions necessary to carry out the wishes of your loved ones through the proceedings of probate or trust administration.

He will make sure that you understand the legal benefits and pitfalls of any decision regarding your responsibility as a personal representative, trustee, or other fiduciary, and your entitlements as a beneficiary.

Occasionally, there is the need to make a claim against an estate in probate, or against a trustee regarding the terms and conditions of a trust document. In that event, Steve brings years of experience and practice to bear in analyzing the particular legal dynamics of your situation, in initiating the necessary claims, and in resolving probate and trust disputes in a manner sensitive to your expectations and your best legal interests.

It is said that a young lawyer loses cases he should have won, and that an old lawyer wins cases he might have lost. That is only true because of the years of experience which a lawyer brings to bear in the analysis of potential claims, defenses, and strategies, and their likelihood of success. Steve will spend the time necessary to assess your legal situation, help you understand the procedures and alternatives available to succeed in your efforts, and assist you in making the correct decisions in going forward.

“In the midst of mourning the death of a loved one, I have seen families divisively torn apart; I have also seen powerful, respectful, and admirable family growth. While estate planning can facilitate the better of these options, post mortem strategic legal counseling is often necessary and appropriate.” – Steve Ellis