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Legal Planning and Dispute Resolution in Estates, Business & Family Law

Large corporations typically have Human Resources Departments which handle employee complaints and disputes, and assist in regulating employee matters with handbooks, employee manuals, and training exercises.

In small to medium size businesses, the Human Resource Department rarely exists, and employee relations issues often fall to an officer whose true talents lie in the substance of the company’s actual work, not dispute resolution. Employer/employee frustrations can rise to the level of conflict that, left unresolved, may result in the unnecessary and unfortunate termination of a valued employee, or worse.

Further, employee complaints of mistreatment, discrimination, or harassment can open the employer to governmental inquires or private lawsuits. Action should be taken at the first hint of this kind of complaint, so as to minimize the damage the business may incur.

The process of mediation is highly suitable to help resolve these kinds of employee and management issues which, without attention, can become cancerous to the operation of the business.

I have had great success in meeting with employers, supervisors, valued employees, board members, and executive directors to assist with mediating escalating issues within a variety of business (and not for profit) organizations. Sometimes this leads to the establishment of employee codes of conduct, employee manuals, hiring practice standards, dispute resolution guidelines, vision work, or just a onetime facilitated written agreement on how members of the business operation will relate to one another.

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